I am a visual sociologist*, artist, and educator based between Chicago, USA and London, UK. My praxis is rooted in storytelling and community engagement, incorporating multi-sensory methodologies to design, analyze, and engage various audiences in the research process. As an interdisciplinary researcher, my work can be applied to a variety of research needs, including user experience, nonprofit program development, and community engagement.

Previous academic projects have fallen at the intersections of Black feminist theory, Black geographies, and diaspora studies. I have explored social mobility, place-making, resistance, and space through methodologies such as audio soundscapes, mapping, oral histories, participant-led interviews, and ethnography.

I am also a photographer and graphic designer, with over three years experience creating graphics for nonprofit organizations, magazines, and independent collectives.

I am committed to helping communities, particularly young people, develop the agency and skills necessary to tell their own stories. I have facilitated workshops on documentary photography, political education, and advocacy for youth aged between 12-21, and find these to be some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences.

*I bet you're wondering what exactly is visual sociology. Well, visual sociology uses visual, sensory, and other experimental approaches to explore the world, incorporating innovative methodologies to intervene in and represent the social. Visual sociology places an emphasis on using creative techniques to design, conduct, analyze, and share research. I think the Goldsmiths, University of London Visual Sociology page offers some good insight into what the field is, which you can read here.